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Simply changing the air filter in your ride will yield significant benefits in horsepower, torque, and overall throttle response. The factory OEM filter is good enough more normal driving situations. But our impressive lineup of aftermarket air filters are designed to be non-restrictive while retaining excellent filtration characteristics. Best of all, changing from a stock air filter to an aftermarket unit will save you money in the long run since the sir filters are washable and reusable. When they get dirty, simply remove them from the air box and wash with plain water. Sam’s Motorsports offers a huge selection of air filters from the top brands in the industry.

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Car enthusiasts will agree that changing the air filter is one of the very basic mods that you can easily do in your own garage. Carmakers usually recommend changing the air filter every 10,000 or 15,000-miles. If your car is equipped with a non-restrictive air filter, there is no need to throw away the air filter since it can be washed and reused for multiple times. In fact, K&N air filters are rated to last for more than 1,000,000-miles or 1,600,000-km. Imagine the money you can save, not to mention keeping the environment cleaner as well.

Aftermarket air filters are designed to be non-restrictive. This simply means they allow more air to be ingested inside the intake manifold. Branded air filters are designed to increase the airflow by as much as 30%.  The result is a more powerful and responsive engine that is more exhilarating to drive than a comparable vehicle equipped with a restrictive OEM air filter.

The great thing about changing the air filter is you don’t need to spend additional money on labor. The installation process requires little to moderate technical skills and you can do it in virtually minutes inside your garage. Sam’s Motorsports offers high-quality non-restrictive air filters for any type of domestic or import car, sedan, sports coupe, pickup truck, minivan, or SUV. We offer air filters from the best brands at discounted prices so you pay less money while improving the performance and filtration characteristics of your ride.

Give your car a worthy performance upgrade with Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of the best aftermarket air filters. We carry all the best brands like K&N, Injen, AEM, Airaid, Spectre, and Volant. We also have air filter cleaning and recharging kits so you can clean and re-oil your air filter to maintain the best possible airflow and filtration for many years to come.

Air Filter Accessories

An air filter’s primary function is (un-surprisingly) to filter the air going through your car’s inlet system. The best filters achieve an optimal balance between stopping debris getting into your engine, and allowing as much air in as possible. The more air you can get into your engine the better the potential for power increases. High performance Air filters increase airflow and supply colder air to the engine than standard OEM parts, which has a real impact on your car’s power and fuel efficiency. Changing a car’s intake and air filter is often one of the first steps in tuning an engine, and when combined with a performance exhaust it’s a solid foundation for significant power gains.

Air Filter Assemblies

Air filter assemblies are great for vehicles with stock or modified engines. Those who are looking to add more power in a stock engine will realize marginal performance gains by simply installing an aftermarket air filter assembly. The kit will basically replace the stock air box to give your vehicle more horsepower and a customized underhood style. Modified engines will perform better with custom air filter assemblies and are ideal for racing applications. These air filters are non-restrictive and provides better airflow. Take a close look at Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of custom air filter assemblies and find out how you can pay less on a high-quality performance mod

Air Filters - Custom Fit

Browse our impressive selection of custom fit air filter assemblies and lids that are great for show cars and highly-tuned racing cars. Whether your vehicle is equipped with old-school carburetors or a modern fuel injection system, custom fit air filters will improve the airflow compared to the restrictive factory air filter and airbox. Aftermarket air filters by Injen, K&N, and AEM are specifically designed to provide better airflow to deliver monstrous performance. Sam’s Motorsports is home to custom fit air filter assemblies, universal airbox assemblies, injector stack filters, and racing cone filters at discounted prices. Our custom air filters are applicable for both domestic and import vehicles.

Air Filters - Universal Fit

Replacing the original equipment air filter is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to get more performance and economy from your car or truck. A lifetime-reusable air filter increases power, prolongs engine life and improves fuel economy.

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters help you breath by isolating pollutants like pollen, soot, dust, spores, mold, fungus, mildew, germs, bacteria, gases and other contaminants intending to get inside your vehicle, just as the intake filter does for the engine. Both units are important, but if the first one is a crucial element for the vehicle's performance, the latter is a critical component for your health. 

Cleaning & Recharge Kits

Make sure your motor is gobbling up massive mouthfuls of air and spitting out peak performance by cleaning up your clogged filter with an air filter recharge kit. An air filter cleaning kit pulls double-duty-removing grime and replenishing your filter's essential oils. Recharge kits make your air filter last a lifetime, and they're simple to use.


Pre-filters or pre-cleaners are an important part of the intake system. Pre-filters are designed to prevent contamination of the intake ducts. They are also designed to protect the air filter against heavy or large debris that may prematurely clog the main air filter. Installing the right kind of pre-filter will significantly lengthen the life of your motor while improving the acceleration and throttle response of your vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with a non-restrictive cold air intake, consider installing a pre-filter to maximize the performance and filtration characteristics of your set-up. Sam’s Motorsports offers discounted prices on the best pre-filters from leading brands such as Injen, Airaid, and Volant.

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