The antenna is an electronic device usually made of a thin steel tube. There are internal, external, and satellite car antennas. The first type is found in either a trunk, dashboard or windshield; the external unit can be made of metal or fiberglass and is typically installed near the vehicle's hood or trunk. The satellite antenna, which allows for superior sound quality, is on the roof of a car.

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A car antenna is usually attached to the receiver by wires and works with an amplifier. It's an electronic device that is used for increasing the power of radio-frequency signals, AM and FM. You may say that your vehicle's stock antenna will do, but it won't last that long, maybe four to six years. They won't even last that long if you live near the ocean where the salty sea air can easily corrode it. A rusted antenna needs to be immediately replaced because, it won't work that efficiently. And if you're thinking of changing your antenna or even your antenna mast, be sure to get a power antenna or even a high-gain antenna for a sure signal. Also, be sure to take note of the materials that were used on the antenna for these can make a big difference on the antenna's reception quality. Take a look at our stock and see what we can do for you!

Billet Antenna

A billet aluminum antenna is a low-cost way to add class and style to your ride, while getting rid of your ugly factory antenna. Match your other chrome or stainless steel accessories. It's a nice finishing touch that  will get you noticed!

Decorative Antenna

Customize your vehicle with a light weight simulated antenna. Stylish streamline body gives the car an exclusive look.

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