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K&N Throttle Control Module
aFe Sprint Booster Power Converter
Fleece Performance TapShifter
aFe SCORCHER GT Power Module
aFe SCORCHER GT PLUS Performance Package
Fleece Performance Allison Torque Converter Controller
Injen Power Package
K&N Boost Control Module
aFe AGD Display Monitor and SCORCHER BLUE Module
aFe SCORCHER Blue Tuner
aFe SCORCHER PRO RACE Performance Package
aFe SCORCHER Power Module
aFe ShiftLogic Transmission Module
aFe SCORCHER HD Power Module
aFe SCORCHER PRO PLUS Performance Package
aFe BrakeLogic Exhaust Brake Controller
aFe SCORCHER HD Performance Chip
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Transmission controllers are the brain of the automatic transmission in your vehicle. You can also call them the transmission CPU. The transmission controllers are engineered to work in unison with the engine CPU to provide a smooth and exhilarating driving experience. The transmission controllers are governed by various sensors and input readings from the engine CPU to determine the engine speed, road conditions, and driving behavior of the operator. The data is utilized to accurately predict and calculate the shift points of the transmission to deliver the best possible acceleration, performance, and fuel economy. The transmission controller will also prevent over-revving to protect the motor from severe damage. Sam’s Motorsports is proud to offer a great lineup of transmission controllers for your import or domestic car, truck, or SUV.

Showing 1 to 18 of 59 (4 Pages)