Take a moment to peruse the array of automotive lighting products we have on offer and you'll quickly see that we're abreast of all the latest advancements in illumination. Whether you just want replacement auto light bulbs or replacement tail lights, or want to upgrade to bright LED bulbs and custom light fixtures, we have what you're looking for.

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Spec-D Headlights
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Spec-D LED Tail Lights
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Anzo Headlights
IPCW LED Tail Lights
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IPCW Euro Tail Lights
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Bumper & Parking Lights

Turn heads at every angle! Bumper, Corner and Parking Lights give your custom light setup the full treatment. They complement the rest of your Euro or LED rig beautifully, or look great as accents to your stock lights. These lights are also great performers on the road, making your signaling and parking intentions highly visible.

Corner Lights

A corner light is definitely a real tangible object. It is mounted on the front of the vehicle, in the corner of the front fender, hence the name. It is located right next to the headlight, and on newer vehicles it is often integrated into it. Corner lights most often have yellow, amber, or orange reflectors built into them, though it is possible to have white or clear corner lights with yellow bulbs as well. 

Fog Lights

When driving in dense fog, the light from regular headlights reflects off the water droplets back into your eyes, impairing rather than improving visibility. Fog lights are positioned low on the vehicle and have a wide beam angled toward the ground, which reduces glare and helps you see the road better. Whether you need to replace damaged original fog lights, upgrade your fog lights, or add aftermarket fog lights to your vehicle, we have what you need.

Halo Kits
Halogen Light Bulbs

Are your vehicle headlights faded, yellowed and dull? You need to replace your headlights with a quality set of aftermarket headlights from Sam’s Motorsports. Our headlights are tailor-made to achieve an exacting fit on any type of car, truck or SUV. Aftermarket headlights offer better light output compared to stock OEM headlamps, making them safer when you drive at night. Best of all, aftermarket headlights will look smashing on your car, offering a high-tech and distinctively modern look.

HID & Xenon Lights

HID and Xenon lights are brighter than the stock incandescent bulbs in your ride. They are also designed to last longer and consume less power while producing a higher output of light on the road. HID or High-Intensity Discharge kits are equipped with Xenon bulbs that are designed to replace the stock bulbs in your headlamps and fog lights. HID kits are also equipped with ballast and starter circuitries to control the operating voltage of the bulbs. Simply upgrading to a set of high-quality HID lights will significantly upgrade the safety and style of your vehicle. HID bulbs are available in many different color temperatures with yellow, orange, white, blue, and even violet light. Check out the inventory of HID and Xenon lights at Sam’s Motorsports to find out that you don’t need to pay much to upgrade the stock lights in your vehicle.

LED Light Bulbs

Our brilliant selection of car lights and truck lights provide your vehicle with cutting-edge style and long-lasting radiance. Whether you're looking to swap out those dull factory headlights or want to customize your ride's look, our selection of LED Light Bulbs for headlights, tail lights and turn signal  provide the perfect solution. And you can take on the darkest of nights with some of the brightest LED bulbs in the lighting industry.

LED Lights

LED lights stand out from the factory lights crowd in a big way. When you pick a set of custom LED lights, you're doing away with ugly red and amber reflectors for good. And, custom LED tail lights, LED brake lights and LED tailgate light bars install in mere minutes without hassle.

LED Tail Lights

You get so many benefits from replacing your original tail lights with custom LED tail lights, they may be the most bang for the buck of any automotive accessory. First, and most obvious, are the awesome looks. Our huge selection includes so many different custom styles, you’ll have a hard time making a decision. But any pair you choose will be a tremendous upgrade over stock, creating an appearance that will make your car or truck stand out.

Light Accessories & Wiring

One of the best ways to set your ride apart from the rest of the factory pack is a stunning accessory light set-up. Beyond a new set of headlights and taillights, accessory lighting takes your exterior to the next level. Whether you're turning heads with LED bumper lights or upgrading your visibility with high-tech DRL & Halo Lights, Sam's Motorsports offers everything you need to boost your candlepower.

Light Bar Mounts & Wiring

Brighten up the dark path with proper mount and wiring systems for your lights. Whether you're replacing factory lights with brighter styles or adding extra lights for enhanced visibility, mounting and wiring kits from Sam's Motorsports make your lighting projects a breeze.

Light bars provide more than just a sturdy seat to mount all of your illumination power -they also add burly style. Outfitting your rig with a custom light bar makes it easy to tackle even the toughest trails with strong lighting power. Get yours now.

Light Bars
Light Covers

Light covers keep your auxiliary beams under wraps for protection and style. Sticks and stones won't break your globes with durable light covers standing guard, thanks to heavy-duty materials. Plus, light covers offer an extra touch of tough looks. Headlight covers accentuate and preserve the condition of your sensitive beams. Whether durable chip and pit protection or designer covers are in order, these headlight covers are custom-made to do the job.

Off Road Lights

Off-road lighting lets you light up any road, track or trail no matter how dark the night or how wicked the weather. Powerful bulbs wrapped in heavy-duty housings blaze a bright beam through the mud and mess. And, off-road lights are a cinch to attach to any grille guard.

Roof Mounted Lights

Turning your SUV or truck into an off-road adventurer is easy as pie with sleek and bright off-road lights. To install them quickly and securely, you need a reliable mounting solution. On our digital shelves, you will find an excellent selection of premium light brackets, light bars, light cages, light mounting kits, etc. that make it convenient and simple to add auxiliary lights to your vehicle. Get the most out of your off-road adventures!

Side Markers

When you really care about your car, truck, van or SUV, the look of every little light matters.

Strobe Lights
Tail Lights

If your original tail lights are dulled, scratched up, cracked or broken, you can replace them with original equipment, or use the opportunity to upgrade your car or truck to the unique look of Euro tail lights. Plain red lenses make your vehicle look the same as every other vehicle on the road. Our euro tail lights are direct fit, bolt on replacements for your OE lights, making them the easy way to give your ride a personal touch.

Tailgate Light Bars

There aren’t many accessories that will enhance the appearance of your truck and at the same time make it safer to drive, but Tailgate Light Bars certainly meet the requirements. These LED light bars fit neatly in the recess between the rear bumper and tailgate, and connect to your truck’s electrical system to work in conjunction with the running, brake, turn signal, and hazard lights. You’ll get admiring stares and increased awareness of your truck.

Third Brake Light

Independent studies conducted many years ago proved that the addition of a Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL) helped reduce rear end collisions by 50%, so the NHTSA mandated that all new cars be so equipped effective with the 1986 model year. While you should keep all your lights in good working order for safety, with such percentages it’s particularly important to make sure your CHMSL, more commonly known as the third brake light, is in good repair.

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