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When enthusiasts think of mods for their pride and joy, they typically think of chrome, spoilers, air intakes, exhaust systems and the like. These will certainly make your machine look and perform better, but what about your steering wheel? Along with the brake and accelerator pedals, it’s the interface with your vehicle, right in front of you every time you drive. If you want to make your ride unique, why put up with an ordinary factory wheel?

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Wheelskins EuroTone Two-Color Leather Steering Wheel Covers
Wheelskins Original One-Color Leather Steering Wheel Covers
Wheelskins EuroPerf Perforated Leather Steering Wheel Covers
Cipher Auto Leather Steering Wheels
NRG Innovations Short Hub Adapter
NRG Innovations Version 2 Race Short Hub Adapter
Spec-D Steering Wheels
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You love the way your car, truck or SUV looks and get plenty of admiring stares as you cruise down the road, so why look down at a plain, boring steering wheel when you’re driving? Be good to yourself and install a custom steering wheel. One of our custom wheels will create satisfying visual and tactile sensations that will enhance your driving experience, with an unmatched appearance and exquisite feel when your hands are wrapped around the rim.

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Racing Steering Wheels

Designed to connect you to the road while giving you feedback as to how your vehicle is handling, a steering wheel is also one more way to personalize your vehicle. Compared to the factory components, racing steering wheels are of more solid construction and therefore transfer more information to the driver ensuring the higher level of driving comfort. Available in thousands of styles, racing steering wheels can personalize any vehicle.

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Steering Wheel Covers

Buying a new vehicle is always a big deal, and when you finally make your choice, the next step is probably customizing your new plaything. Well, why not? Most often, besides being perfect add-ons, car accessories provide a certain level of comfort. Of course, choosing accessories is only a matter of taste and lifestyle. Fortunately, nowadays the assortment of car upgrades is more than impressive, so buying them is an unalloyed pleasure.

Showing 1 to 18 of 79 (5 Pages)