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Raise the bar on your ride comfort or drop down into a thoroughbred racing stance with our selection of suspension systems. From towering lift kits to anti-sway bars, our digital shelves are stacked to the ceiling with the high-quality suspension upgrades you need to survive rocky trails, capture checkered flags or just make it through the morning commute.

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Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit
Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Suspension Kit
Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kit
Vogtland Height Adjustable Coilover Kit
Bilstein B16 PSS9/PSS10 Suspension Kit
H&R Sport Coil Spring Lowering Kit
Vogtland Electronic Lowering Systems
Spec-D Strut Bars
Bilstein B14 PSS Suspension Kit
Vogtland Force Adjustable Coilover Kit
AEM Strut Bars
Bilstein B16 DampTronic Suspension Kit
Bilstein B6 Performance Shock Absorbers and Struts
Bilstein B8 Performance Plus Shock Absorbers and Struts
Bilstein MDS Series Shock Absorbers and Struts
Bilstein 4600 Series Strut and Shock Absorbers
KSport Version RR Damper Systems
Bilstein B4 OE Replacement Shock Absorbers and Struts
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Air Compressors & Air Tanks
Air Suspension Controllers
Air Suspension Kits

When it comes to adjustability and versatility, it is hard to argue with the merits of a quality air suspension system. Compared to basic lowering springs or adjustable coilover suspension, air suspension will allow you to slam your vehicle to the ground – much lower than any coilover suspension. You also have the ability to raise up your ride to clear speed bumps and other obstacles. Air suspension also provides better ride quality and comfort, all with a simple push of a button. Check out Sam’s Motorsports for all your air suspension needs. We offer air suspension shocks, springs, and complete kits for any make and model of domestic or import vehicles.

Air Suspension Lines & Connectors
Bump Stop
C Pillar Bars

There is an easy, affordable, and fool-proof way to reduce the chassis flex in your ride. C-pillar bars are relatively easy to install and can significantly improve rear-end grip while significantly reducing chassis flex. C-pillar bars are designed to be installed in the C-pillars of your vehicle and can also improve handling, vehicle acceleration, braking, and cornering. This is ideal for both street and track machines and is highly recommended if you seriously want a tighter feeling chassis. Sam’s Motorsports is home to a wide assortment of C-pillar bars from the most popular brands and are offered at discounted prices. Check out our selection of the best quality C-pillar bars for any kind of domestic or import vehicle.

Coilover Kits

If you love tuning your car, then you need to get your ride a set of coilover suspension kits. Contrary to popular belief, coilovers are not only good for the track. They are good for both novice and expert drivers. Coilover suspension offers you a multi-dimensional approach in terms of vehicle tuning and performance, and they give the best bang for your buck. If you drive a fast car, then you better make sure that it handles like a winner by installing coilover suspension kits from Sam’s Motorsports.

Control Arms

The control arm or most popularly known as the A-arm is a suspension link that connects the chassis to the steering knuckles and wheel hub. The most common symptoms of bad control arms are loud and clunky noises, vehicle pulling, and a strong vibration in the steering wheel when traveling over smooth roads. The control arms are an integral part of the suspension system and are equipped with ball joints and suspension bushings that will inevitably wear as you drive your vehicle. Check out the wide array of quality control arms at Sam’s Motorsports. We are offering control arms and A-arms from all the known brands like KSport, Spec-D, and Voodoo 13 at unbelievably low prices.

Leaf Springs
Leveling Kits

Give your truck or SUV a customized look with Sam’s Motorsports’ lineup of the best quality leveling kits. Leveling kits can come in the form of strut extensions, torsion keys, coil spacers, and block kits. The type of leveling kit will depend on the suspension system and make and model of your truck or SUV. You can also consider installing a lift and leveling kit to give your rig more ground clearance while removing the factory rake at the same time. Check out our selection of leveling kits so you can customize the stance of your truck without expensive modifications. Sam’s Motorsports is proud to offer the best leveling kits at unbelievably low prices!

Lift Kits

Lift kits are a great upgrade for stock and extreme off-road vehicles. Lift kits will enhance the ground clearance of your truck or SUV. This will give your truck go-anywhere capabilities so you can effortless traverse over demanding off-road terrain. Lift kits will also make it easier to fit large wheel and tire combos so you can give your truck the ‘big rig’ look. Depending on the type of lift kit, this mod will allow you to fit up to 33-inch wheels. Take a moment to browse our selection of the best quality lift kits for your import or domestic truck and SUV. Sam’s Motorsports is offering lift kits at discounted prices so you can pay less while giving your truck a more rugged stance.

Lowering Kits & Springs

Want to improve the look of your ride? Lowering springs are the way to go. The best part about lowering springs is that they are relatively easy to install, and they are cheaper compared to coilover suspension. Lowering springs will give your car a lowered ride height, reducing the ugly gap between the wheels and the fenders. It will also improve handling and stability, most noticeable during high-speed driving. Although lowering springs are not as tuner-friendly as coilovers, they provide multiple performance gains at a much lower cost.

Radius Arm

The radius arm, radius rod, or torque arm is a type of suspension link that is designed to control the longitudinal wheel motion of your vehicle. In simple words, the radius arm will control the fore and aft movement of the suspension and are generally mounted ahead of the wheel to resist brake dive and wheel hop. The radius arm is connected to the axle or wheel carrier and the chassis via solid rubber bushings. The symptoms of a bad radius arm or trialing arm bushing are excessive tire wear, loose steering, and annoying clunky noises when you brake or accelerate. Keep your vehicle’s suspension in tip-top shape with Sam’s Motorsports’ affordable lineup of radius arms and radius arm brackets.

Shocks & Struts

The shocks or struts are the main components of the vehicle suspension. Shock absorbers are primarily designed to control the spring and suspension movement as you drive your car, truck, or SUV. Shock absorbers are designed to control the bounce rate, roll or sway, and the brake dive or acceleration squat of a particular vehicle. Struts are a modern type of damping system that is utilized in modern vehicles. Struts are basically lighter and takes up less space compared to conventional shock and spring combinations. You can easily maintain the ride and handling characteristics of your vehicle with the best quality shocks and struts only here at Sam’s Motorsports.

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are basically the components of a strut suspension system that attaches the strut to the body of the vehicle. One side of the strut is designed to directly bolt in the vehicle while the other side mounts directly on the strut. The middle portion of the strut is a rubber insulating material that cushions the jarring effects when you drive over road undulations. In short, the strut mounts are critical in maintaining a smooth, quiet, and vibration-free driving experience. Bad strut mounts will result in a lot of suspension noise on the top most part of the vehicle. Bring back the smooth and quiet ride of your car, truck, or SUV with Sam’s Motorsports’ inventory of the best quality strut mounts at incredibly affordable prices.

Strut Tower Bars

A MacPherson strut combines the coil spring and shock absorber in one unit. In this system all of the vertical suspension load is transmitted to the top of the strut tower. This loading can cause the strut towers and chassis to flex during hard cornering, which can result in poor steering response, cowl shake, and understeer in turns. A strut tower bar reduces strut tower flex by connecting the two strut towers together.

Struts & Shocks Oil


Sub-frames are basically structures that support the engine, suspension, and drivetrain of a vehicle. The sub-frames are designed to be both light and durable and are composed of steel or aluminum components that are bolted and welded together to achieve the desired shape and strength of the component. While vehicle sub-frames are primarily engineered to support the heaviest components of a vehicle, they can get easily damaged or bent in the event of an unfortunate collision. The structural integrity of the sub-frames will affect the performance and resale value of your ride. If you need to replace the sub-frames in your domestic or import car, check out our inventory of high-quality sub-frame assemblies. Sam’s Motorsports offers vehicle sub-frames at affordable prices so you can restore the look and performance of your vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket.

Suspension Bushings

The suspension bushings in a modern vehicle can be made of rubber, polyurethane, or a mixture of similar materials. Taking a closer look at the underbody will reveal a plethora of suspension bushings that are engineered to improve the integrity of the suspension and steering system in your ride. Bushings are commonly utilized in the engine and transmission mounts, control arms, stabilizer bars, tie rods, ball joints, control arms, and the steering components. Worn out or faulty bushings can cause suspension and steering noises, rattling sounds, loose steering, and poor handling. When it comes to high-quality suspension bushings, look into Sam’s Motorsports’ inventory of affordable steering and suspension bushings to bring back the like-new felling in your driving experience.  

Suspension Packages

Sway Bars

The sway bar is also called the anti-sway bar, roll bar, or stabilizer bar. Sway bars are an important part of high-performance suspension systems and are utilized to reduce the amount of body roll as you approach a tight, winding corner. The sway bars are engineered to increase the roll stiffness of the suspension to deliver better handling and improved traction in various road conditions. The sway bars in a typical automobile are connected to the vehicle chassis via a series of flexible rubber or urethane bushings. Give your vehicle the handling capabilities of a genuine track car with Sam’s Motorsports’ incredible lineup of sway bars for any type of import or domestic vehicle.

Tension Rods

The tension rod is engineered to support and locate the control arm in a modern vehicle. While the OEM tension rod in your vehicle is good enough for stock applications, upgrading to stiffer springs or coilover suspension will place a lot of stress on the tension rods. The tension rods are also responsible for keeping your wheels from moving forward as you apply hard braking. Simply replacing the tension rod and bushings will deliver better steering feel and better handling. The best quality tension rods are equipped with polyurethane bushings that are many times more durable than ordinary rubber bushings. Sam’s Motorsports is offering the best quality aftermarket tension rods at discounted prices.

Track Bars

The suspension in a modern vehicle are designed to allow the wheels to move vertically. However, the suspension is not designed to move laterally or longitudinally. Track bars or panhard rods are specifically designed to restrict the lateral movement of the axle. Track bars or panhard rods are usually found on vehicles with a live-axle suspension systems. The track bar is simply a rigid steel bar that is connected to one end of the axle to the chassis on the opposite side of the vehicle. If your pickup truck or SUV demands a stronger and more reliable set of track bars, check out the inventory at Sam’s Motorsports and find out how you can pay less money on a brand new set of track bars that will improve the wheel articulation in your ride.

Traction Arms

Did you lower your vehicle using aftermarket lowering springs, or did you recently install a rigid set of coilover suspension? You should consider upgrading the traction arms in your ride. Adjustable traction arms will allow you to fine tune the camber and toe of the rear wheels. Traction arms will basically give your vehicle better traction as you accelerate from a dead stop. Traction mods will eliminate wheel hop so your vehicle can get up and running without wasting time spinning the rear wheels. Keep in mind that lowering your ride by at least 1.5” or 2” will require adjustable traction arms to bring back the camber to the factory spec. Check out Sam’s Motorsports’ impressive lineup of traction arms to help improve the acceleration and lap times of your high-performance vehicle.

Trailing Arms

You can find trailing arms on vehicles equipped with independent rear suspension, live axle suspension, or coil-spring equipped rear suspension systems. The trailing arms are responsible for connecting the rear axle, shocks, and the chassis of the vehicle. The trailing arms must be rigid and strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle while absorbing the compression forces between the chassis and the rear wheels. They are also designed to prevent the rear axle from unnecessarily moving forward or backward as your vehicle travels over a wide assortment of road conditions. Do you need to replace the trailing arms in your ride? Sam’s Motorsports is home to an impressive array of trailing arms at discounted prices.

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