Side View Mirrors

When traveling the road of life, it’s so important to look back into your past and evaluate where you are, and where you’re heading to. And when you’re behind the wheel it’s imperative to look back and check who’s behind you: a police car or a vehicle that’s about to hit you. That’s what a side view mirror is for. They are essential when it comes to driving safety. This is why when a mirror gets damaged, it’s important to replace it ASAP.

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Driving safely means being completely aware of your surroundings. Operating your car or truck with a damaged or missing side view mirror makes this impossible. You won’t know if another car is overtaking you to pass, and you won’t be able to pass because you won’t know if another vehicle is in the lane. Driving without clear vision to all sides of your vehicle endangers not only your safety but the safety of others.

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Side View Mirrors

Though often unnoticed and under-appreciated, Side View Mirrors are among a vehicle's most necessary safety systems. We offer a variety of products from the market's best brands.

Towing Mirrors

When you've got a boat or trailer riding behind your vehicle, stock side view mirrors alone just won't cut it.

Turn Signal & Puddle Lights

Give your truck a safety and style upgrade by installing turn signal and puddle lights on the side mirrors. Newer trucks will have side mirrors with turn signal and puddle lights as standard from the factory. If you have an older truck, it is easy to install side mirrors equipped with turn signals and puddle lights. Big rigs with large tires and a lift kit will benefit the most from the added safety and visibility offered by side mirrors with turn signals and puddle lights. They not only look good, but they can make your truck more visible to oncoming traffic. Upgrade the lighting and style of your import or domestic truck with turn signal and puddle lights only here at Sam’s Motorsports.

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