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The intake manifold is the last, and arguably the most important, part of your engine’s air intake tract. It’s here where the air or air/fuel mixture that exits the throttle body or carburetor respectively is distributed to each individual cylinder head intake port. How well the intake flows and how evenly the air or air and fuel is allocated is critical to your engine’s power output and your vehicle’s performance.

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aFe BladeRunner Intake Manifold
Weapon-R Race Sheet Metal Intake Manifold
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The intake manifold channels the air needed for combustion into the cylinder head intake ports. The air enters from a central point, a carburetor, or on fuel injected engines a throttle body, and then travels through individual passages called runners to the cylinder head(s). Depending on the vehicle model, the intake manifold can be mounted either on top of the engine between the cylinder banks, or at the side of the engine, attached to the cylinder head.

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