Wind buffeting can really annoying, especially on a long trip. And dead bugs can eat right through your paint like a hot knife through butter. So protect your sanity & your paint job, with our line of window deflectors & bug deflectors.

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EGR Aerowrap Hood Shields
AVS Color Match Low Profile Ventvisor
Lund Elite Vent Visors
Lund Interceptor Hood Deflectors
Spec-D Window Visors
AVS Aeroskin LightShield Hood Protector
Stampede Tape-Onz Side Window Deflector
Lund Hood Defenders
Stampede Vigilante Premium Hood Protector
Stampede Snap-Inz Side Window Deflector
Putco In-Channel Element Window Visors
Putco Tape-On Element Window Visors
Westin Tape-On Slim Window Deflectors
Putco Element Hood Shield
Westin In-Channel Window Deflectors
Westin Ultraguard Bug Shield
Westin Roof Wind Deflector
Westin Tape-On Rear Cab Guard Wind Deflector
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Bug Deflectors

Every time the weather starts to get warm…the bugs come out. And (depending on where you live) that always leads to splattered bugs all over the front of your ride.

Now, those dead critters have acid in their bodies. And that acid gets into the paint, after that dead bug’s had a chance to cook in the hot sun. Needless to say, your paint’s going to get damaged…if you don’t install a bug deflector.

Bug deflectors are aerodynamically designed to catch more bugs than their small size would suggest. So more of your paint stays protected, and less wind drag is created. Plus, bug deflectors are a lot cheaper than a new paint job.

Rear Window Deflectors
Sunroof Wind Deflectors

If you’ve got a sunroof, then you’ve no doubt experienced the occasional bug-in-the-hair, or rain in the eye. But if you installed a sunroof deflector, then you wouldn’t have these problems.

Vent Visors & Window Deflectors

Rolling down your windows is great, but that constant rush of air (or rain) that hits you in the face, or directly in the ear..isn’t so great. Now however, you can do something about it.

We have a huge selection of vent visors & side window deflectors that’ll keep the elements at bay, and keep your interior (and hairdo) calm and peaceful.

A car window visor channels the air (and water) away from the front edge of the open window. So you can roll your window all the way down, and the air/rain won’t be hitting you in the face.

Our vent visors / window deflectors are easy to install, and they’ll stay put. Plus, they’re affordable, and they look really cool too.

Showing 19 to 36 of 41 (3 Pages)