Are your vehicle headlights faded, yellowed and dull? You need to replace your headlights with a quality set of aftermarket headlights from Sam’s Motorsports. Our headlights are tailor-made to achieve an exacting fit on any type of car, truck or SUV. Aftermarket headlights offer better light output compared to stock OEM headlamps, making them safer when you drive at night. Best of all, aftermarket headlights will look smashing on your car, offering a high-tech and distinctively modern look.

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Headlights are a fundamental part of any car, truck or SUV. Besides the obvious safety benefits, headlights are also integrated into the design of your vehicle, hence improving the visual impact of your ride. In other words, a beautiful set of headlamps are needed to make a beautiful-looking car.

Modern headlights are sculpted for better aerodynamics. Does this sound absurd? Absolutely not! Did you know that during the testing stage of the Nissan Leaf electric car, the engineers decided to ditch the headlights and design a new pair that is more aerodynamic? They found out that the wind rushing over the front of the car was producing a lot of wind noise, a point that was so apparent due to the hushed silence of electric cars.

Headlights are also essential for road safety. A bright pair of headlights will produce more light, making night driving easier and safer – especially if you have poor vision or eye problems. This is also good for senior citizens who have difficulty driving at night.

A quality set of aftermarket headlights will make your vehicle more visible to pedestrians, especially if they have built in DRL’s or daytime running lights. Switching from your stock OEM headlights to aftermarket headlights will dramatically improve the look of your ride, whether you drive a car, truck or SUV.

If your stock OEM headlights are discolored, hazy, opaque, scratched or are simply old and needs replacement, you have come to the right place. Sam’s Motorsports will cater to all your headlight needs. You can choose a fabulous set of projector headlights if you want to achieve a customized look on your ride, or choose a brilliant set of modern LED headlights if you want to make your ride stand out.

Aftermarket headlights are easy to install, since they are derived from the shape and the contours of your OEM headlights. But the similarities end there, because modern headlights are crafted from the best materials like aluminum and heat-resistant plastic resins. They also offer attractive design combinations, sometimes with built-in DRL’s (daytime running lights) for a cleaner and more integrated look. You can choose from projector-type headlights, LED headlights, U-bar headlights and a lot more.

The old plastic lens on your OEM headlights will discolor or turn yellow over time, as it is constantly exposed to sun, rain, dirt, dust and snow. Besides being an eyesore to an otherwise good-looking vehicle, it is also a hazard to road safety, specifically when you are driving at night.

If your old headlights look tired and worn, they won’t be able to emit a light that is bright enough to promote safer driving. If that is the case, you should check out our selection of aftermarket headlights, perfect for any make and model of car, truck or SUV. Sam’s Motorsports carries an impressive inventory of aftermarket headlights, projector-type headlights, LED headlights, halo headlights and other headlight accessories from the brightest brands in the market, all at an affordable price.

Choose projector headlights if you want to add a distinct yet modern look on your ride. Projector headlights offer a sharper and more focused beam of light for better visibility. Halo lights or sometimes referred to as ‘Angel Eyes’ were made popular by German carmaker BMW, and were standard equipment on their line of luxury cars. Halo headlights are now one of the favorites when it comes to aftermarket headlights, with distinctive luminous rings incorporated inside the headlight assembly. They simply look great in both day and night.

If you want the very best in automotive lighting, you should check out LED headlights from Sam Motorsports. LED headlights emit a brighter beam of light with less heat compared to sealed-type beams and HID headlights. LED headlights also consume less power while being brighter and more efficient.

Make your car stand out, while making it safer to drive. Sam’s Motorsports is home to a wide array of aftermarket headlights and other headlight accessories for any type of vehicle.

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