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If you love tuning your car, then you need to get your ride a set of coilover suspension kits. Contrary to popular belief, coilovers are not only good for the track. They are good for both novice and expert drivers. Coilover suspension offers you a multi-dimensional approach in terms of vehicle tuning and performance, and they give the best bang for your buck. If you drive a fast car, then you better make sure that it handles like a winner by installing coilover suspension kits from Sam’s Motorsports.

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Coilover Suspension Kits from Sam’s Motorsports

Coilover suspension kits were first used in race cars in the 1960s. Modern coilover suspension kits are now designed for both street and track use.

The word ‘coilover’ is short for ‘coil spring over shock.’ The shock and the spring are assembled as a single unit, with the spring encompassing the shock absorber body.

The design of modern coilovers are a derivative of the MacPherson strut suspension system, a widely popular type of suspension that was invented and designed by American engineer Earle S. MacPherson.

Coilover suspension kits are popular among car enthusiasts because of two main features:

  1. Ride height adjustment; and
  2. Damper adjustment.

Coilover suspension will allow the driver to adjust the ride height of the vehicle, on every corner front and back. This is made possible by the threaded shock body and an adjustable lower mount to easily calibrate the desired ride height.

Coilover suspension kits are also endowed with the ability to adjust the damping settings of the shock absorber. Most designs have a knob that you can simply turn to adjust the dampers from SOFT to FIRM and vice-versa.

With all these features combined, coilover suspension kits are ideal for serious track duty to get the best possible lap time. The advanced features of modern coilovers will enable the driver to tune the suspension settings of the vehicle without removing the whole suspension unit.

Types of Coilover Suspension

There are two basic types of coilover suspension:

  1. Coilover suspension kits with adjustable height only. This type of coilover kit is tuned for the street and mild track use. Perfect for the car enthusiast who wants an aggressive ride stance with improved handling and vehicle control. This type of coilover is more economical, and offers extremely good value considering the performance gains.
  2. Coilover suspension with height and damping adjustment. Sometimes referred to as ‘full coilovers’, this type of coilover is geared towards serious enthusiasts who demand full control over the ride height and the damping settings of the vehicle. Utilizing specially-designed shock absorbers, the driver can vary the damper settings from SOFT to FIRM or anything in between, with a simple twist of a knob. Perfect for serious track use, there are new models that manage to offer a softer ride for street use.

Some manufacturers are offering a new type of coilover suspension that utilize electronics to change the damping of the shocks without the driver leaving the driver’s seat. It consists of an electronic module that controls the damping force of the shock with a touch of a button.

Choosing the Right Coilovers for Your Car

So, which coilover is best for your ride? The answer will ultimately depend on your driving needs. Of course, the actual cost of coilovers will have to be considered as well, since coilovers with variable height and damping adjustments are more expensive compared to coilovers with variable height adjustment only.

Depending on the brand, there are coilover suspension kits designed for street use. Keep in mind that this type of coilover is ‘softer’ compared to those for track use. They do this by using springs with milder spring rates for a better and more civilized ride.

Racing-type or track-spec suspension have aggressive spring rates and shock absorbers to provide better feedback, but at the expense of a harsher and firmer ride. Of course, manufacturers have addressed this issue since there are street tuners who want aggressive high-speed handling and compliant ride comfort.

Sam’s Motorsports offers coilover suspension kits for both track and street use. Demanding drivers need not look elsewhere. Get the aggressive lowered ride that you want, while giving your car better handling and stability on all types of roads.

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