Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers are ideal for city trucks or those who frequently utilize the bed to haul cargo and equipment. Soft tonneau covers are the most basic type of truck bed covers and are usually made from UV-protected vinyl. The soft vinyl cover is mounted on a frame that sits on top of the bed rails and tailgate of your rig. The cover is held in place using metal or nylon snaps. This type of bed cover is not ideal for repeated opening and closing of the bed since it can damage or loosen the snaps that holds the cover in place. But in terms of all-weather protection and price, it is hard to argue with the value offered by a conventional soft tonneau cover. Take a close look at the large inventory of truck bed covers here at Sam’s Motorsports and find out how you can pay less on a quality set of soft tonneau covers for any type of import or domestic truck.

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Spec-D Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Spyder Roll-Up Tonneau Covers
Stampede Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Lund Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Covers
Lund Genesis Seal & Peel Tonneau Covers
Lund Genesis Elite Snap Soft Tonneau Covers
Lund Genesis Elite Seal & Peel Tonneau Covers
Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover
Access Lorado Performance Tonneau
Access LiteRider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Access Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover
Access Limited Edition Tonneau Cover
Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Advantage Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover
Extang TuffTonno Tonneau Cover
Extang FullTilt Tonneau Cover
Extang FullTilt SnapLess Tonneau Cover
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Showing 1 to 18 of 24 (2 Pages)

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