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When performance and clean emissions matter, then the MagnaFlow Manifold Catalytic Converter should be on top of the shopping list. Manufactured using CNC robotic manufacturing procedures, this catalytic converter is street legal in 49 states and designed for uninterrupted flow of gases and heat dispersion. Also, the converter is made from stainless steel construction which promises reliable and durable performance for a long time.


  • 49-state street legal and made from 100% stainless steel
  • Features a ribbed body for durability
  • Seam-welded to prevent movement and leaks
  • Direct fit, does not require additional cutting or fabrication
  • Comes with a 5-year and 50,000 mile warranty on the exterior

The catalytic converters from MagnaFlow undergo the standard MagnaFlow process of reliable exhaust efficiency, premium catalyst materials, and engineered for compliance. So when you order the MagnaFlow Manifold Catalytic Converter, you don’t just get a high-performing exhaust system; you can also enjoy a cleaner emissions that comply with current state standards. As of the last update, this unit is street-legal in 49 states and delivers top-notch performance.

Once installed, it improves exhaust flow, heat dispersion, and it’s easy to install without the need for additional cutting or fabrication. Construction-wise, this catalytic converter meets the standards expected from a MagnaFlow product. This unit is made from stainless steel and the body is ribbed for high strength. Also, it’s designed to be oxidation-resistant and the ribbed heat shield adds to the durability of the product. Furthermore, its body is seam-welded for a strong bond and to avoid unnecessary movement. Finally, the design featured over-lapping joints by at least 1/2” to avoid leaks.

The MagnaFlow Manifold Catalytic Converter is offered as a bolt-on unit which can work on several makes and models like Acura, Audi, and BMW 1, 3, and 5 Series. Please check our site for a complete fitment guide.