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MagnaFlow specializes in premium-grade and highly compliant catalytic converters. A popular variant available for vehicle owners is the MagnaFlow Universal-Fit Catalytic Converter. Designed for different types of vehicles, this universal unit matches the exact original equipment specifications while ensuring the Check Engine Light off. Also, this product complies with existing regulatory requirements particularly the California CARB regulations. With a clam-shell body type and made from premium components, this unit is the perfect replacement for your old or damaged converter.


  • Features a clam-shape body
  • Compliant with Federal emissions standards
  • Seam welded close to the body for a strong bond
  • Made from premium materials
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Made in the USA

MagnaFlow is known for its exhaust systems and universal catalytic converters that are highly rated for its direct-fit applications. With a universal-fit design, this unit can cover a wide range of vehicles of different makes and models. This product can work with vehicles from Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Lincoln, Lexus, and GMC to name just a few. Its installation requires the use of welding, cutting and bending tools and equipment which are readily available for professional installers. The manufacturer recommends that this product should be installed by a professional.

Just like other MagnaFlow products, this unit is designed and constructed with quality in mind. It designed to keep the Check Engine light off and the unit is manufactured using CNC precision robotic manufacturing process. Also, this universal-fit catalytic converter meets the standard EPA requirements and complies with California CARB regulations. In short, this is one MagnaFlow product that can serve as practical and premium addition to your vehicle, however, professional installation is required.