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Rocker guards and rock rails are a must have for extreme off-road vehicles. The rocker panels are one of the most vulnerable parts of an off-road vehicle. Rock sliders, rocker guards, and rock rails can be made of tough thermoplastic or high-strength tubular steel. The best part is you can purchase rock sliders that can double as side steps for your vehicle. If you desire rocker guards with an added dose of visibility and modern style, you can choose rock sliders equipped with LED lights that can safely illuminate the ground while protecting the undercarriage from rocks and trail damage.

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APS 2" Square Tube Black Side Armors
APS 2" Round Tube Black Side Armors
N-Fab RKR Rails
ADD Rock Slider Side Steps
Lund Rock Rail Black Side Bars
Westin Outlaw Rock Rails
Westin Triple Tube Rock Rails
Westin Rock Slider Steps
Westin Trailblazer Rocker Bars
Smittybilt XRC Atlas Rock Sliders
Smittybilt M1 Rock Sliders
Smittybilt SRC Classic Rock Rails
Smittybilt SRC Rock Guards
Smittybilt SRC Side Armors
Smittybilt XRC Rocker Guards
Smittybilt Apollo Rock Sliders
Smittybilt XRC Rock Slider
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Rocker guards and rock rails are installed in the chassis of the vehicle. They run the inside length of your truck and SUV and will usually span the length from the front to the rear wheels. Rock rails are designed to be installed below the doorsill to protect the bottom of each door from mild to severe damage. Driving over taller obstacles that are higher than the ground clearance of your rig can result in catastrophic damage to the sheet metal in the rocker panels. The rocker guards are there to prevent such damage from happening. Rock rails and rock sliders can come in a running board or step board type. This will retain the OEM look of your vehicle and can double as side steps for easier ingress and egress. Rocker guards can come in tubular or boxed steel depending on the construction and are easy to install. Most will not require drilling or cutting so you can install the rocker guards in your garage. We have a great selection of rocker guards, rock rails, and rock sliders from the most trusted brands at discounted and affordable prices.

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