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TrailBlazer Rocker Bars by Westin. These steel bars will keep your Wrangler sliding along those rocks instead of hanging up and digging into your Wrangler's rocker panels. Black powder coated 2" mild steel.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: Black


  • Contoured step bars protect your rocket panels from damage due to contact with rocks.
  • Heavy-duty tubes provide that slightly aggressive look you've been looking for.
  • The product is made from high-grade materials to serve you for many years to come.
  • High quality-to-price ratio makes the steps the best money can buy.

Off-roading ain’t pretty sometimes, and neither is a Jeep that’s been down a gnarly rock-climbing trail naked. Rocks just reach out and grab onto you as you pass them, which does two Bad Things: first off, it impedes forward progress considerably when you’re hung up by a pointy rock that’s dug into the thin sheet metal of the rocker panel. And oh yeah - that rock is leaving rock-shaped dents and scrapes in your ride! Short circuit that with these 2" steel rocker bars from Westin. Bolted securely to the frame, they’re designed to let rocks and stumps slide along their length harmlessly. If they are scraped up, no biggie: just rattle-can some black paint onto the scrapes once you get back to civilization. Better yet - leave the scrapes there and let everyone know you’re King of the Mountain! Crafted from stout thickwall mild steel, these bars are 100% welded and then powder coated for durability. They’re more than tough enough to support your high centered Wrangler with the wheels on that side clear of the ground without any more damage than some scraped-off powder coat. It’s cheap insurance against body damage. More importantly, they can make sure you make it through that tight spot without winching.


Mounting brackets included