Nerf Bars & Side Steps

Nerf Bars are a slick-looking convenience for your truck or SUV. These stainless cab-length Nerf Bars bolt right in and feature a no-slip gripping pad for secure stepping. Also known as side bars or side steps, Nerf Bars come in polished chrome or black powder coat finish to fit your styling tastes.

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Spec-D 3" Round Side Step Bars
Putco 4" Boss Series Round Step Bars
APS Drop Down Style Round Tube Side Steps
n-Fab 3" Round Nerf Bars
n-Fab Growler Fleet Side Steps
n-Fab Predator PRO Side Steps
n-Fab EpYx Nerf Steps
ADD Lite Side Steps
n-Fab 2" Round Nerf Bars
Spec-D 5" OE Side Step Bars
Spec-D 4" Oval Side Step Bars
ADD Stealth Side Steps
Spec-D 5" Saber Style Side Step Bars
APS Drop Step Style Square Tube Side Steps
ADD Stealth Fighter Side Steps
Lund 4" Oval Curved Nerf Bars
Lund 3" Round Bent Nerf Bars
ADD Venom Side Steps
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These mods can come in many different names: nerf bars, side steps, running boards, and step bars. But did you know the slight difference between actual nerf bars and running boards?

The history of the running board can be traced back to the early 17th century. It is safe to assume that running boards may have predated the motorized automobile since they were found in horse-drawn carriages for easier ingress and egress.

Running boards are a bit wider than a step bar or nerf bar. In most applications, running boards are bolted to the vehicle chassis. Running boards are mostly flat and have a rectangular shape. The width of the boards are approximately four to seven inches.

Nerf bars or side steps may not have the cherished lineage of the running board, but step bars were first seen in single-seat racing cars. The bars were utilized to defend against passing maneuvers so the driver can position the car in the track without causing damage to the vehicle body. In fact, the word ‘Nerf’ means bumping or nudging the other vehicle to create more space when traversing on an oval race track.

Nerf bars, side steps, or step bars have a round or oval shape. They also tend to have a tubular design compared to the flat shape of a running board. The diameter of the steps are approximately two to six inches in diameter and are usually placed lower than running boards.

Best of all, nerf bars are also designed to protect the rocker panels of your truck or SUV from trail-induced damage when you’re off-roading. Nerf bars are ideal for either stock or lifted trucks and can come in a variety of shapes, designs, and finishes to suit the theme and design of your precious rig.

Give your truck the protection, style, and accessibility it deserves with Sam’s Motorsports’ impressive lineup of nerf bars, side steps, and step bars. Whether you’re driving a Ford, Dodge, RAM, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Hummer, or Jeep truck/SUV, we carry a wide array of side step bars and nerf bars at incredibly competitive prices. We also have affordable nerf bars for your Mercedes-Benz and Acura SUV.

Make your truck or SUV stand out with our nerf bars, side steps, and step bars in polished chrome for a sleek and customized look. If you prefer a stealthy and more aggressive style, our huge inventory of nerf bars and side steps in black powder coat are the perfect mods for your truck. Sam’s Motorsports is the place to find the best truck accessories from all your favorite brands so you can save money without sacrificing hardcore quality and style.

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