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The Germans are known for their impeccable build quality. The same goes for the Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kit. It is one of the best lowering suspension kits in the market when it comes to quality and price.

The Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kit will give your vehicle improved stability so you gain more confidence behind the wheel. It also gives your car a lowered ride height without sacrificing comfort and handling.


  • Vogtland trusted springs and shock absorbers ensure sharp handling without sacrificing ride quality.
  • Shock absorbers are designed to answer all your vehicle’s suspension shortcomings.
  • Damping and spring rates are optimized for every vehicle model.
  • Choose between high-pressure and low-pressure shock absorbers for 10-15% increase in force.
  • Damping adjustable shocks are available (depending on vehicle model).
  • Proudly made in Germany.

Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kits are made of advanced materials to increase driver feedback, decrease the vehicle ride height and reduce body roll. It also reduces vehicle unsprung weight, which improves handling and performance. It also gives a firm yet compliant ride.

Want to instantly add a dose of sportiness to your ride? If you are serious about driving, then you better get a suspension kit that will cater to your aggressive driving needs.

The Vogtland Club Lowering Suspension Kit is available at Sam’s Motorsports.