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Want to improve the look of your ride? Lowering springs are the way to go. The best part about lowering springs is that they are relatively easy to install, and they are cheaper compared to coilover suspension. Lowering springs will give your car a lowered ride height, reducing the ugly gap between the wheels and the fenders. It will also improve handling and stability, most noticeable during high-speed driving. Although lowering springs are not as tuner-friendly as coilovers, they provide multiple performance gains at a much lower cost.

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Lowering springs offer a simple solution to one common problem among car enthusiasts: how to reduce that ugly gap between the wheels and fender. You can take the cheaper route by ‘cutting’ the OEM lowering springs of your car, but you’re better off with a quality set of lowering springs from Sam’s Motorsports.

However, the benefits of using lowering springs don’t stop there – it goes beyond lowering your ride. It will also make your car more stable at high speed, and it will promote sharp handling as well. Since your car is riding lower to the ground, you also get improved aerodynamics.

Remember that each car is different. You can’t buy any type of lowering springs and just put it in your car. Carmakers spend millions in developing the suspension components of your ride, and your stock suspension is designed to give a good balance between handling and road comfort. This is the reason why you need to choose a lowering spring that is designed specifically for the make and model for your vehicle.

With a bewildering array of lowering springs made by different aftermarket firms, how do you choose the right one for your car? You need to understand a few basic facts about lowering springs:

Fact 1: Lowering springs come in either linear rate or progressive rate. Other manufacturers offer a cross between the two, sometimes called compounded rate lowering springs. Linear rate springs offer a stiffer ride, while the progressive rate or the compounded rate springs will give you better ride quality. Both will give you better handling, but compounded rate springs are better because the comfy ride translates to better driver stamina and less fatigue without compromising vehicle stability and handling.

Fact 2: Lowering springs don’t offer much when it comes to suspension tuning, since you are still using the stock or OEM shock absorbers. You can’t adjust the ride height, since the length of the lowering spring comes on a pre-determined drop rate. You can’t adjust the shock absorbers either. So if you are a serious racing fan (or if you want a suspension system that you can customize according to your needs) then you need a quality set of coilovers.

Fact 3: Other people think that since their car is still running on OEM shock absorbers after installing lowering springs, they can drive over humps and potholes without harming the suspension system. Wrong! If you install a set of lowering springs, you need to be more careful when tackling humps and potholes. In fact, the lower ride height might promote accelerated wear and tear on other suspension components - such as the bushings and the shock absorbers – if you don’t drive the car properly.

Fact 4: Do not confuse lowering kits with lowering springs. Lowering kits comprise of a spring and shock combo, while the latter includes the spring only. What’s the difference? Lowering kits are more expensive since they come with shock absorbers that are specifically tuned for the set of springs. Lowering kits offer better track performance as well. However, if you simply want a lowered ride with better handling, you can’t go wrong with lowering springs from Sam’s Motorsports.

Choosing the right set of lowering springs for your ride need not be difficult. Let Sam’s Motorsports guide you in shopping for the best lowering springs for your car.

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